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Affiliates Build Communities

How to Make Sales Disruptors Community Work for You

Why Be an Affiliate?

Any community is only as strong as its members. We need you to bring new members to Sales Disruptors Community so we can grow in numbers, experience, industries, and participation.

This community is all about helping each other, so the more salespeople participating, the better. And to help reward you for growing the community, all Affiliates earn 20% of all monthly membership payments made by the people they sign up – every month!

Get Your Affiliate Link

When you signed up for Sales Disruptors Community, an account was created for you in Whop. This service also provides your affiliate link and handles your payments (more on these below).

Log into and grab your affiliate link. Then simply provide your link to the person you are referring, and BAM! You've grown the community, made it better, and you're getting paid!

Watch the guided tour here to find your affiliate link. And if you need some help after that, contact our Customer Success Representatives below.

How to Get Paid as an Affiliate

Your Whop account automatically tracks your affiliate payments, so you don't have to worry about it. To withdraw your funds, simply log into your Whop account and follow the directions here to send your revenue where you want it.

If you need some help, please schedule a call below. It's free, and we're happy to help get you fully set up so you can enjoy your new community.

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