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Sales Disruptors Community is the where great salespeople help each other handle their challenges, learn new techniques, and participate in discussions and role-playing sessions so you can Close More Sales. Access documents, courses, and industry-specific experts so you can be the best at what you do (and make more money!)

Why Invest in Sales Training?

  • Fastest way to make more money.

  • When you're good at sales, you increase profits without increasing expenses.

  • Sales is the highest paid industry. Are you making the most out of it?

  • You're probably losing sales and don't know why.

  • You can finally know where in the conversation you're losing the sale.

  • Life is easier when you're a better communicator.

  • Get time freedom and financial freedom to pursue what you want.

  • Closing sales is the life source of any company. All the leads, tech, and marketing mean nothing if you can’t close enough sales to keep the lights on.

Why Sales Disruptors Community?

  • Instead of buying just another course, you're joining a community of sales professionals.

  • Comes with all of our courses (that we charge thousands for separately).

  • 3 hands on live trainings every single week (and more as we grow!).

  • Weekly role play sessions.

  • Ran by experts in real estate, solar, and insurance.

  • Learning collectively, everybody is helping each other to learn, grow and understand the material.

  • Sales Disruptors Community is supported be a multi-million dollar company whose mission is to create 100 millionaires.

  • Gain secret tips, how to overcome any objection, and improve your sales process so that closing is the easiest part of your sales appointments.

Exclusive Trainings

Level Up Your Skills

  1. Live, interactive sales trainings several times each week

  2. Role playing sessions to learn and practice new techniques

  3. Exclusive courses to teach new skills

These trainings, courses and more have never been offered anywhere else and will only be available inside Sales Disruptors Community. You can attend multiple sales trainings every week, join role-playing sessions or set up your own, and take exclusive courses to develop your abilities. All included.

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What Members Say About the Live Trainings:

FREE Courses Included

All of these courses are included with your membership, and we have more planned! You can take them as many times as you wish. Always included for free!


Sales MasterClass

Steve Trang teaches you his sales process step-by-step. Learn Steve's proven, repeatable, adaptable sales process. Learn to handle any objection, extract the information you need to close the deal, and make more money on each transaction.


Sales Process Fundamental

Exclusive Course!

Ian Ross, Disruptors Certified Sales Trainer, walks you through creating your sales process. This is no vague theory course – implement your sales process with concrete, specific and proven techniques to boost your closings and profits!


Wholesale Blueprint

Looking to start your wholesale business? Get everything you need right here! You get the scripts, contracts, Text/SMS templates, and 12+ hours of Steve Trang teaching you every aspect of running your wholesale business, A to Z.


Disruptors Dispositions

Dispositions IS sales! Want to earn an extra 25%-50% per transaction? You do this in the dispositions phase. Everything from how to cultivate buyers to creating urgency to getting more money on each transaction, your profits will jump with this info.


Lead Generation & Data Handling

One of the great things about today is the amount of data we can get. One of the banes of existence is sifting through that data to find great leads. Steve Trang shows you his system for finding great leads so you save time and money.


VA Sales Training

Coming Soon!

Virtual Assistants are key employees in many organizations. Being able to train VAs to follow your processes and compliment your sales team is crucial to closing deals. Ian Ross trains your VAs to maximize your leads and help you Close More Deals.

Affiliates Get Paid Every Month!

Get 20% of Every Member You Enroll, Every Month, Forever!

We're Building the Sales Disruptors Community to be the Biggest, Best Sales Training Anywhere!

The absolute BEST marketing for anything is referrals. And since we're all interested in sales, why not make it a contest?

Every member you refer who joins the Sales Disruptors Community pays you 20% – every month, for as long as you are both members!

Bonuses for Top Performers:

• $500 for over 50 enrollments

• $2,000 for over 100 enrollments

Plus, periodically we have contests, giveaways, and special recognition for the top affiliates in the community!

Help build Sales Disruptors Community into the biggest, best, most active sales training community and get paid to do it!

What the Members Say...

Don't take our word for it – Here's what actual community members are saying:

Max Wuensch

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Steve and Ian provided tremendous value in improving our conversion rate. We went from converting around 10%-12% to around 22%-25%.

Kim Mann NC

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am so excited to be part of this group! Collaboration not competition is key to everyones success. Thank you Steve for all you do in this space!

Elias Akale

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Finally, been waiting on something like this for a while. You get to have direct contact to some of the best sales people in the world!! Amazing!!

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay for the live sales training, role-playing calls, or call reviews?

No! That's the beauty of Sales Disruptors Community – No levels and no upsells! Every member of Sales Disruptors Community has full access to everything added to the community: All courses, all live sales training calls, all the past recordings, all the channels, everything!


Why do I have to use links to get to the courses and live calls?

Discord is a great community tool, but anything involving video is unfortunately pretty limited besides live-streaming. We want you to have the best experience possible, so we host our courses outside of Discord to give you more features, better video quality, and easy access. We also record all the sales training calls and categorize them, so you can search by topic anything that is challenging you, watch those calls, and improve your game!


How often do affiliates get paid?

We use Whop for our membership processing. You automatically get a free Whop account when you sign up for Sales Disruptors Community. All of your affiliate commissions are automatically put into your Whop account, and you simply log in and choose how and when you want to get paid. Super easy!


Do I need a Discord account to participate?

Yes, Sales Disruptors Community is hosted on a Discord server. All of the group chats, the industry-specific channels, links to the live sales training calls and recorded courses are all in Discord. The great news is a Discord account is free, so you can sign up easily and get started improving your sales skills immediately!

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